3 Life Lessons From The One And Only Taylor Swift | Leaderonomics

Love her or hate her; there’s no denying Taylor Swift is a household name in the music industry. Having won 10 Grammys and a long list of hit songs to call her own, Swift sure knows how to rock the music charts and keep fans wanting more. Swift first stepped into the spotlight after gaining commercial success with her debut album, Taylor Swift in 2006. Since then, she’s been through many trials throughout her career in the public eye. Swift would have lived by certain leadership values to reac

Have You Considered Taking A Gap Year Like Malia Obama?

Last month’s announcement from the White House that Malia Obama (Barack Obama’s eldest daughter) has decided to take a gap year before starting Harvard University in the fall of 2017 drew swift response on social media. Some supported the idea of gap year, while some commented that it is only for the affluent and influential. What’s a gap year, you might ask? It’s typically a break before college/university, or sometimes a break after university but before a formal employment. Gap year generall

The Best Leadership Advice I Ever Received

At some point, you would have probably experienced Aunties and Uncles coming up to you and giving you a lecture about things, especially during the festive season. They may be tiring to listen to but it is worth the time because the advice can come in handy. Among the many leadership-related advice I have received over the years, here are three of the best. 1. Come out from your comfort zone It is not easy to tell others what to do but it will be easier to show them how. You know, monkey see,

Is Deadpool A Good Role Model?

If you’re a comic book fan like I am, you would know that Deadpool is no angel because he is known for his vulgarity, violence and being an anti-hero. In fact, he mentions multiple times that he doesn’t like being called a superhero and he does anything as he pleases. He may be a comic book character but he is not kid-friendly. Writer Fabian Nicieza and artist-writer Rob Liefeld created him as an antitoxin for the readers who were fed up of goody-goodies like Spider-Man, Thor and Captain Americ

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