Photo by Min An on Pexels


The New Normal by John Tan

I feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, Every time I leave home, I feel the gentle breeze caressing my hair, Each time I leave for work, Yet, the distant morning don’t feel the same anymore, For things are no longer the way they used to be. Family & friends are no longer faces I see every day, Neighbours are no longer people I meet & greet, And colleagues have now become occasional struggles, What’s more? The outbreak has truly destroyed our livelihoods, Leaving us with no

Loneliness by John Tan

Loneliness My constant companion A friend I befriended from my childhood That sticks with me through thick and thin No matter where I go Who I am with It never let goes off me Loneliness A core memory I’ve relived a countless times That was responsible for the tears I’ve shed No matter how many tears How many hours of therapy It still hurts Loneliness An inevitable emotion I have stopped running away from And instead embraced Because no matter how painful i

What Dreams Are Made Of by John Tan

It first saw you when you were young, The moment it laid eyes on you, You felt a great sense of comfort, That you had never felt before, Although its aura gave you a sense of danger, You were compelled by the vision it entailed. Miraculously so, you were willing to submit your devotion to it, But little did you know, what was ahead of you Nothing could prepare your young mind, For the impediment, it had designed for you, The hours of self-doubt, rejections and loneliness.